Is zero-effort computer security a dream?

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Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Aalto University have found vulnerabilities in a recently proposed user-verification security system for computers.
This new security system, developed by Dartmouth College researchers, was created in response to a need for easy-to-use authentication systems.
“In our technologically based society, we need a password to do just about everything — from banking to communicating,” said Nitesh Saxena, Ph.D., the director of the Security and Privacy In Emerging computing and networking Systems (SPIES) lab and associate professor of computer and information sciences in UAB’s College of Arts and Sciences. “Because people often have trouble remembering all of their various passwords for different platforms, there is a lot of value in identifying simple, yet secure, ways to log in and log out of whatever it is we are doing.”

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Interesting article Antus but I think we all know the answer to the question is - YES. Security will always entail some effort and more often than not, quite a lot!
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Definitively a resounding 'Yes' is a dream/complete pie in the sky as where there is a computer system there will always be someone wanting to compromise it at the only way to achieve zero-effort computer security is to write the OS as one big security program...which would probably make is very secure but completely unusable for day to day activities.
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Zero-effort security a dream!!!! Of course it is.
We all know that no system is 100% and never will be and with the best will in the world it will all come down to the end user which some call the weak link. All we can do is be on our guard and alert for that 1 suspicious link or attachment, maybe have a layered approach with other programs to use occasionally as a back up to check systems. The point is, it is down to the end user who has control and who is ultimately responsible for their own security, to think anything else is a dream.
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Excellent point Jasper and to the point the user is the ultimate answer
at the end of this issue


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