New ReiKey app for macOS can Detect Mac Keyloggers

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January 5th 2019, By Ionut Ilascu

macOS users have a new open source tool to help them identify generic keyloggers on their system. Called ReiKey, the app can scan and monitor for software that installs keyboard event taps to intercept keystrokes.
Event taps allow monitoring and filtering input events, like keyboard presses, before they pass to a foreground application. CoreGraphics is the framework that handles these low-level user input events.
Developed by security researcher and macOS hacker Patrick Wardle, ReiKey is efficient against malware that uses CoreGraphics to achieve their purpose.
Wardle says that most macOS keyloggers rely on CoreGraphics 'event taps' to capture keystrokes, and that ReiKey was specifically designed to detect and alert whenever a new tap is added to the system.
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