NoScript 2.6 released

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I'm sure alot of you use firefox and are also aware of,and use, the very popular NoScript.Well,No Script 2.6 has been released
 Changelov 2.6
x Improved long URL wrapping for more manageable plugin placeholder
x Fixed ABE notifications bleeding out of the viewport when very long
  URLs are involved
+ [Surrogate] More efficient deferred script loading and syntax check,
  saves memory and startup time from unused surrogates
+ [Surrogate] scriptless ads skipping redirection
+ [Surrogate] scriptless image revealing
+ [Surrogate] scriptless image revealing
+ Added navigator.doNotTrack property support
The update can be downloaded directly from HERE

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Despite how good it is, I stopped using this a while ago. I got fed up of whitelisting many domains plus I know that even those can get compromised so in that instance NoScript won't help. However, in tandem with other protection layers, it is a nice tool for those that like it. 🙂
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I don't actually use it myself,but it certainly has it's merit in a layered approach.
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I don't use it either but thanks for the post!


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