Phishing Alert: Amazon Makes Integrity Checks Every Six Months

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Amazon customers are being targeted with phishing emails that inform them of account integrity checks allegedly performed by the company every six months. The bogus notifications are part of an attempt to lure users to a phishing website.

“Every six months Amazon makes integrity checks related to his customers accounts, how they use the account and if the account is still used by the customer. If the customer account is not used for a longer period of time (1 months) it will be disabled of by Amazon Team and then removed in the next two months of inactivity,” the emails read.

After urging recipients to click on a link to allegedly demonstrate that their accounts are still in use, the emails continue:

“The procedures to disable and then delete the account according to the term of use specified in the Terms and Conditions will take place after the link expire. - The verification procedure requires a very short time from the customer. - The generated link above is only active for 24 hours. If during this period the customer does not make verification account will be disabled until further notice.”
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