SecureAnywhere Complete 2013-Another PCMag Editors' Choice!

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Big News!
Neil J. Rubenking of PCMag just finished up reviewing the last of our 2013 products-Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013. I'm thrilled to announce that we went out with a BANG. The bottom line? 4.5 stars, "Excellent" Editor Rating, and another PCMag Editors' Choice seal of approval.
Read the full review here.
From the man himself: "Just what goes into a security suite? Some vendors pack in all the expected components and add backup and tuneup, creating a kind of mega-suite. Others extend protection to Macs and mobile devices, for multi-platform protection. Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2013 manages to do both in a package that's unbelievably small."
Couldn't have said it better myself. Icing on the cake....

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Great News! Congratulations Webroot Team. 😉
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Congrats to the Webroot Teams yet again that's 3 Home Runs in a row from PCMag 😉
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The awards just keep coming.Glad to see all the hard work the Webroot team puts into the product culminating in such an award.At the end of the day,it's all about the users of the software and their satisfaction with it.It is such a fantastic product line from a fantastic company.It's great to see testing that confirms what 99.9% of Webroot users have experienced.Users no longer have to choose from the Norton,Kaspersky,Bitdefenders of the world.There was a time in this part of the country you could only choose from one of those 3 or 4.Now,you can walk in to most places that sell pc software and right next to the big 3,you will find Webroot.Increasingly i am seeing people picking up Webroot and making the right choice.No longer do users have to settle for slow pc in exchange for perceived great protection.With Webroot you get the best of everything.Will continue to recommend the product line to everyone i come across as Webroot has more than earned my loyalty.Way to go Webroot!


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