Should you be scared of your laptop’s webcam?

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Pretty much every laptop – and for that matter, tablet and smartphone – has at least one camera fitted that's pointing at how all the time. But how worried should we be about eyes on us? Can the nefariously-minded switch them on to spy on us?

February 10, 2019, By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for Hardware 2.0

Last week, WSJ's Joanna Stern posted a piece in the Personal Tech column that pondered an interesting question related to the cameras that are now embedded into modern laptops – "How secure are these tiny eyes into our private lives?"

Interesting question. Well, tell me Personal Tech column, how secure are these things?

The bad news is, it was possible for Mr. Heid [a certified ethical hacker ethical hacker and chief research and development officer at Security Scorecard] to get into my Windows 10 laptop's webcam and, from there, my entire home network. He also eventually cracked my MacBook Air.

That sounds pretty bad, and might have many reaching for the electrical tape to cover their cameras. However, the very next sentence deflates much of the drama of its predecessor.

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Worried? Yes and no. My understanding is that even Bill Gates taped over his camera. It's really a simple fix: tape over it. Fixed.


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