Simplocker Changes Attack Vectors

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June 19th, 2014, 14:13 GMT · By Ionut Ilascu

Trojan-downloader impersonating legitimate USSDDualWidget app
 Despite the simplicity publicized by various security researchers and the fact that there are solutions to reverse its malicious activity, Simplocker has seen an increase in distribution.

Robert Lipovky, malware researcher at ESET, warns that several variants of the Trojan have been detected, a fact also confirmed at the beginning of last week by Kaspersky.

However, the researcher points out that the new modifications have integrated the command for file decryption, which indicates that the ransom was paid by the victim. Also, different sums of money are demanded, in both Ukrainian hryvnias and Russian rubles. Full Article

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by Alastair Stevenson  22 Jul 2014 

 Hackers have expanded the infamous Android Simplocker ransomware campaign to target English-speaking Android users and have raised the ransom demand.
ESET security intelligence team lead Robert Lipovsky reported uncovering the evolved malware in a blog post, revealing that the ransomware has received a variety of technical upgrades.
"Last week we spotted a variant of the ransomware that featured a few significant improvements. The first change that meets the eye in Android/Simplocker is that the ransom message is now in English rather than Russian," read the post.
"Secondly, the malware now asks to be installed as Device Administrator, which makes it a lot more difficult to remove."
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This ransom ware is profoundly more dangerous than ever.. What would help from this article would be what preventive measures can be taken to prevent infection from this malware?
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Hi Antus
Good point...but I suspect that we already know the answers to that...commonsense, and safe practices when it comes to websites visited and emails opened/attachments WSA having your back...of course. ;)
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Good answer Baldrick!!! WSA is covering your back as you mentioned common sense.


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