Snowden-inspired crypto-email service Lavaboom launches

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German service pays tribute to Lavabit

By Phil Muncaster, 16 Apr 2014  Lavaboom, a German-based and supposedly NSA-proof email service, will go into private beta this week. Its mission is to spread the Edward Snowden gospel by making encrypted email accessible to all.
Although it has been referred to in various parts of the interwebs as an heir to Lavabit, the now-defunct encrypted email service used by Snowden, the new service's name is a tribute to its predecessor and nothing more.
 Lavaboom is a free service with a 500MB mailbox limit made secure by three main principles: end-to-end encryption; “zero-knowledge privacy”; and “three-way authentication”.
The firm said its aim is to make encryption as “simple as sending regular email” so anyone can use it.
Three-way authentication is offered for Lavaboom’s “more security conscious users” as follows:
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Well, it seems like only yesterday that @explanoit was posting his feature suggestion for Two-way authentication...and here we have the next level up already about a 'fast moving world'...LOL

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Looks like your link might be broken - here's a working one:
I guess if they are outside the US then it makes it harder to be shut down the way Lavabit was.
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Hi Nic
Thanks for the heads also sorted in the OP.
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The following article is a update on crypto email.
(DIME for your TOP SECRET thoughts? Son of Snowden's crypto-chatter client here soon)
By Darren Pauli, 11 Aug 2014
DefCon Lavabit founder Ladar Levison will within six months carve out a military-grade email service from the ashes of Ed Snowden's favourite email client.
As many of you will remember, Levison killed the service to prevent his clients' information from getting into the clutches of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
 The popular thorn in the side of the US spy apparatus updated the 2,000-strong audience of security hacks and privacy pundits on the Dark Mail project announced late last year.
Levison shot to fame in tech circles after he responded to a FBI demand for access to the private SSL certificates used to encrypt all traffic on Lavabit by printing the keys on reams of paper in a 4-point font described by one prosecutor as "largely illegible".
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