Temporary Patch Released For Adobe Reader Zero-Day

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February 11, 2019, By Lindsey O'Donnell

The zero-day flaw in Adobe Reader DC could allow bad actors to steal victims’ NTLM hashes.

A temporary patch has been released to address a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader that could enable bad actors to steal victims’ hashed password values, known as “NTLM hashes.”

0patch on Monday released a micropatch for the flaw, found in Adobe Reader DC. The vulnerability, which has no official fix yet, allows a PDF document to automatically send a server message block (SMB) request to an attacker’s server as soon as the document is opened. SMB protocols enable an application or user of an application to access files on a remote server. Embedded in these SMB requests are NTLM hashes (NTLM is short for NT LAN Manager).

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