U.S. court shuts down telemarketer FTC says bilked customers of $120 million

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(Reuters) - A federal court has temporarily shut down a U.S. technology telemarketing operation accused of bilking customers of $120 million, while also ordering the freezing of assets of telemarketers and their executives.
The Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday that it successfully asked a federal court in Florida to shut down Boost Software and its related operation, Vast Tech Support.

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This is good news on phone scams for a change. People have been reporting scam calls and it's a relief that the scammers are not as free as they hoped to be. Keep up the good job!
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Just in case the FTC might want to investigate, I found tons of reports on scam calls at Callercenter.com that included the scammer phone numbers. Please put them to a stop, too.
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Glad to see them get their comeuppance!


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