UnCAPTCHA attack updated to bypass spoken phrases

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Researchers updated their unCAPTCHA proof of concept to be more efficient in bypassing audio CAPTCHAs and be able to handle spoken phrases and not just strings of numbers.

January 10th 2019, By Michael Heller

Google updated its reCAPTCHA systems to make it more difficult to bypass, but researchers have updated a proof-of-concept attack to solve the new challenges.

The reCAPTCHA system developed by Google asks users to solve challenges -- identifying words, the contents of images or audio clips -- to determine if a human or a bot is attempting to use a website. The unCAPTCHA attack is an automated system developed by researchers at the University of Maryland that uses speech-to-text services from Google, Microsoft and IBM to correctly solve audio reCAPTCHA challenges. The original version of unCAPTCHA, created in April 2017, could solve audio challenges with an 85% accuracy rate.

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