Webroot response to Mac AV-Test Results

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Statement from Mike Malloy ( @MikeM ) , EVP of Products and Strategy:
AV-Test recently published the results of a malware test for the Mac platform.  Webroot’s SecureAnywhere AntiVirus for Mac was included in this test and did not perform at the level that we expect from our products.  While we are disappointed in the test results, we would like to assure our customers that they remain protected in real-world scenarios, provide some context for specific aspects of the test, and convey what is being done to improve the results in future tests.
We recently discovered a bug which we believe would negatively impact our efficacy in a test such as that run by AV-Test.  This is not to say the test was improperly run; it was an error in our product and has since been fixed.
We have also determined that many of the malware samples in the test were embedded in a disk image or archive format (.zip, .rar, .tar, .xar, .dmg, .cpio, etc.).  Malware cannot execute until it is “unpacked”, so in this state the samples pose no actual threat to the Mac.  In our testing of the AV-Test samples, SecureAnywhere for Mac detected the malware files as soon as they were unpacked, so in a real-world scenario, the user remains protected.  That being said, we are adding the ability to scan these types of archive files for earlier detection of malware within them, and this functionality will be available in an upcoming release.
We remain confident in the efficacy of SecureAnywhere in a real-world environment as evidenced by the low rate of infection among both our Mac and Windows users. To be more specific, we have seen a total of 10 malware infections this year from among the tens of thousands of SecureAnywhere for Mac users we have.  We recognize however, the importance of these laboratory tests, and this test highlighted some areas in which we needed to improve. Some of these improvements have already been completed, others are currently in process and will be integrated into upcoming releases.  We will keep our users informed as these enhancements are made available.

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By Eduard Kovacs on September 05, 2014
Two well known independent antivirus testing labs have published the results of tests performed on security products designed for devices running Mac OS X operating systems.
Many Mac users live with the impression that their devices and their data can't be harmed by malware. While the volume of Mac threats is insignificant compared to ones targeting Windows, there have been a few pieces of malware that have infected a large number of devices, such as the Flashback Trojan, which is said to have hit over 600,000 computers.
Security companies have often warned users about the risks posed by Mac malware and many of them offer products designed for Apple's operating system. Antivirus testing firms AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST have put several of these products to the test to find out how efficient they are in detecting Mac malware.
AV-Comparatives has tested eight products, while AV-TEST analyzed a total of 18 paid and free products. AV-Comparatives tested solutions from Avast, Avira, Bitdefender, ESET, Intego, Kaspersky, Sophos and Kromtech to determine the level of protection against both Mac and Windows malware.
SecurityWeek/ full article here/ http://www.securityweek.com/mac-security-products-put-test
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The recent poor performance of the Mac OSX version of Webroot (Aug 2014 results from AV-Test) has me spooked. I am just wondering if you have any plans to have an independent 3rd party test the PC version of Webroot anytime soon?
I know you participated in these tests a few years back but stopped doing so after Webroot scored poorly on several of them.
I for one will not be renewing my current licence without some independent proof that Webroot is as effective as you claim. 
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Hi greekguy
I believe that Webroot is currently in discussions with a number of the independant testing site/organisations about how to come up with a test that accurately takes account of WSA's unique approach to malware detection & removal, and thus provides a fair comparison of capability when compared to the more traditional (and pedestrian) AV/IS apps about.
Until that can be done so that everyone is happy then it will be difficult for you to have your wish...there is no point having someone test something is the test will not fairly test capabilities which is the case at present.
I could provide you with some references to tests by independant testers but that would be from the press testing rather than acknowledged organisations.
I for one have no doubts about the efficacity of WSA but understand your doubts.  Hopefully, if you do go away you will be back very soon as and when what is now being said is formally proved to be fact.
Regards, Baldrick.
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greekguy wrote:I for one will not be renewing my current licence without some independent proof that Webroot is as effective as you claim. 

Hi greekguy. I've been using WSA since it's first launch. My wife is a "Happy Clicker" on the internet. I have never been infected. That's all the testing I need. If people went by Lab Test results, they would be switching security software many times a year. Real World Testing (My Wife) is all the proof I need.

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Got it now Anthony! 😞
Daniel 😉
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  CAT has already responded to this thread: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Security-Industry-News/Webroot-response-to-Mac-AV-Test-Results/m-p/145645


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