Webroot's Web Security Service now includes "Phresh Phish", advanced Anti-Phishing Capabilities

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Looking to catch some Phresh Phish? :)
Webroot's popular Web Security Service now includes "Phresh Phish", advanced Anti-Phishing Capabilities. Phresh Phish was designed specifically to catch advanced phishing attacks that can expose an orgnaization to security breaches and data loss.
Here's an exceprt from the release:
Webroot has leveraged its deep experience in machine learning, content classification, and active learning gained through its web and IP threat recognition technologies to create best-in-class phishing detection. In current tests with industry partners, Webroot's Phresh Phish service has discovered phishing sites three to five days ahead of other popular anti-phishing technologies and sources. Timing is critical given how quickly these criminal sites are taken down after they have been launched to avoid detection. Phresh Phish evaluates any URL and scores it for phishing risk using hundreds of "features" of the site, including the content on the page, reputation information of the domain, and numerous others factors?
See full release. 
Do you have any questions about how Phresh Phish works? Ask away!

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