Webroot wins Editors' Choice again!

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This just in! Webroot's VP of Global Communications, Genevieve Haldeman, passed along some great news!
Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2013 just received an Editors' Choice Award with 4.5 stars – AGAIN!
We join Norton and BitDefender as the only Editors' Choice winners so far in this year’s round of reviews.
The entire review is available online on PCMag.com, but here are a few highlights:
• An Excellent Choice
Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2013 gives you speedy scanning and excellent malware blocking in a ridiculously small package. The whole product would fit on a 3.5" diskette, if you could find one. Its detection technology differs greatly from virtually all the competition, but it sure seems to work. The only worry I can think of is that a new, unknown threat might not be properly contained during the time it takes Webroot to analyze it online, and I can't say I have any evidence that could happen. Webroot remains an Editors' Choice for antivirus protection.

• Excellent score in PCMag's malware removal test, very best score in malware blocking test.

• The latest edition, Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2013, is still under 1 MB in size, but it does even more.
• Hardly any samples remained after Webroot's initial assault, and when I launched those that remained it detected all of them. With 100 percent detection and 9.9 points, Webroot once again leads the pack with the best score for malware blocking.
Congratulations to the Webroot development team on another win!

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Congratulations and keep up the great work!  😃
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Congrats Webroot Team. Excellent job well done.;)
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Another well deserved CONGRATULATIONS!Glad to see all the hard work of the develpment team and testing teams come to fruition in this award,and more importantly in the end users clean pcs.The best part about an award like this,is not only the awareness it  brings to the product line,but more importantly the awareness is brings to people in general.I am really really happy for Webroot.You see the product in so many more places now than just a few years ago.Webroot is a fantastic company from the top down and it shows in every facet of the operation.It will only get better from here.No company listens to it's users the way Webroot does.Companies that listen to the consumer will ALWAYS succeed.I am so happy to have chosen Webroot for all my machines but 1.Guess it's time to switch over that last 1.No reason not to at this point.Looking forward to the continued evolution of the product line.Again,CONGRATULATIONS WEBROOT!
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Nice to see Webroot has won another award from a magazine, but I think more needs to be done so that reviewers (and testing organisations) understand how the journaling works in relation to new, unknown threats.

Obviously, this concept is different to the competition, and some are having a hard time understanding how it works given users are used to the classic AV approach.
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Woot to the 'Root!  PC Mag Editor's Choice...again.  Congratulations to all my fellow 'Rooters!  We may not all touch the product directly, but we all contributed to this in one way or another.  Be proud, one and all.
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I like the part where it won Editor's Choice.
Well I am not an Editor.
But I got my refund, so I am happy to.
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Excellent Work Webroot Development Team, Congrats on the second win! 😃
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I have just read a very impressive review of Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2013.It was rated excellent and editors choice and top of the malware blocking list.Please read the review at http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2410545,00.asp
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