Windows 8 and RT-Already Vulnerable?

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Despite being very much still in it's infancy (it's been less than a month since it launched), Windows 8 and Windows RT already contain critical security vulnerabilities! Surprise...
Microsoft is quick to jump on the issue, however, and will release six security patches (four of them "critical") on Tuesday.
Below is a screenshot from the story showing the patches. The full ZDNet story can be found here.


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Just goes to show,that no matter what OS you use,your choice and need of a security solution are crucial to maintaing a well running,uninterrupted computing experience.Will definitely be renewing my Webroot in 34 days.It is,BY FAR,the best solution i have ever used.Was just going through my book case of software for the first time in ages,and came across a very old spy sweeper from many moons ago.Boy has Webroot come a long way since then.Happy to be along for the ride:D


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