zero day vulnerability

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Read this the other day and figured i'd share it.It's a good read and also serves as a reminder to be vigilant in our observance of certain best practices.Yahoo 0 Day

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I was looking at that the other day also as my ISP uses Yahoo for there email time to change my passwords again. Make them longer LOL


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I suppose it's time to change my yahoo password as well.When i had been planning to change my isp,i had started having most of my email sent to yahoo instead.Needless to say,my isp has remedied my issues and cut my bill in half for 2 years,so i guess it's time to start sending email back to my isp given email address(comcast).Gosh i hate changing passwords,but these days it's a necessary annoyance.Thank Webroot for the Password Manager, as i used to on occasion forget one.


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