Yet another Java 0 day exploit.

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I'm beginning to wonder if i should remove java is getting ridiculous.This one affects the most recent version of java 7u9.Another Java 0 day

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About 6 months ago I've uninstalled Java on all my computers.  Recently Java is a accident looking for a place to happen. 😉
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Other than some banking sites,and some web based email programs,there isn't much of a reason to keep it as far as i'm concerned.I hate this game of cat and mouse with malware authors.It can get a bit tiresome.Thankfully we have Webroot.Not much to worry about exploit wise in that way.I would urge anyone to have an image based backup tool and backup up at the very least once a week.Also,be sure to run a Webroot scan and maybe a secondary scan with malwarebytes or hitman pro before you backup to ensure the backup is clean.A clean image is a good fallback for quite a few infections should you in the rare case wind up with a stubborn infection.I like a layered defense,but only to a point.If you pile on all these layers,you chew up cpu cycles,memory,disk..etc.,and your system would slow down noticeably.I'm happy with my setup of WSA,Windows Firewall(until Privatefirewall is updated for win 😎,and ad muncher.No need for unnecessary overlapping protection when you have WSA.WSA shines most on it's own:D
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I don't have java installed on my machine. Very few websites use java these days. There is one I used to go to that still has an applet for checking download speeds. I hardly use that one now as another I use has flash technology instead.

There are some programs that have dependencies on java to run. For example, OpenOffice has parts of it that require java, although I note they're working towards removing those.
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Even though I do keep Java and there are constant exploits with this and amongst other apps we see in this section I have never come across any issues as I'm a safe surfer and visit few sites that need it but if I ever come across that the Exploit is trying to download the payload I'm very sure that WSA will look after it. IMO 😉


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