You stupid BRICK! PCs running Avast AV can't handle Windows fixes

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Fix issued, fingers pointed, forums in flames

By Simon Sharwood, 24 Nov 2014  Security software outfit Avast are trying to figure out why the combination of recent Windows patches and updates to the latter company's software are breaking PCs.
Hordes of users have found that their PCs, especially those running Windows 8 and 8.1, grind to a halt after they apply both Microsoft's recent KB3000850 update rollup and Avast's latest automatic updates.
 Some users report their PCs won't boot, or take forever to apply patches. The Avast forums record many users venting their spleens. Microsoft's not immune either: a Redmond thread titled Major issues with KB3000850 includes plenty of people wondering why the company issued an update incompatible with third-party software.
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