Add a field for the version that Webroot detected a threat with in reports or diagnostics.

  • 3 February 2019
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It would be great to be able to see, at least in some way, the Webroot version (and definition set for Macs) that was used when a threat was detected. This would be helpful eliminating bugs that occur when a threat is detected in one version and Webroot updates and not doing updated functionality with that detected threat. This should be available for both Windows and Mac.

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One can already see sufficient information of that nature (and more) in the Scan Log (at least for the PC version), i.e.

SecureAnywhere Scan Log (Version vn.n.nn.nn)
Log saved at day dd-mm-yyyy hh🇲🇲ss

Windows nn.n (Build nnnnn) 64bit (Hostname: aaaaaaaaaa - Local IP: nnn.nnn.n.nn)
Scan Started: day dd-mm-yyyy hh🇲🇲ss
Files Scanned: nnnnn
Malicious Files: n
Duration: mm ss

Now whilst this is not included in the Threat Log, one can by using the above from the Scan Log & then cross referring to the Threat Log, or vice versa, one can determine what you are asking about.

So not really sure that what you are suggesting is required...however, adding the same detail from the Scan Log in the Threat Log may be useful.

Regards, Baldrick
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Is this the case for Mac? Plus the threat and scan logs get overwritten and/or deleted after several subsequent scans.
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I agree that data like this should be available via a report for all time. Logs are overwritten or removed when the software is uninstalled and reinstalled. Due to this, you can't trust that this information is going to be available in the future. The console reports should give you any data you might need in the future for both PC and Mac.