Add functionality to get notified when site seats number has been reached.

  • 17 September 2019
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I would like to see an option where I can get notified when the site seats count has been reached would be very helpful. An option to actually block new installs until the site seat amount has been increased would be a good option for us service providers

3 replies

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Sounds like a useful idea @gmhdi. Honestly, I'm surprised this doesn't already exist. It would actually be a good way for Webroot to make money on licensing and MSPs to make money on support. Great idea!

Also, don't forget to vote on your own idea. The system doesn't do it for you.

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I would love this feature!
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Please make this happen!
This would be very good.
Right now this is time very consuming to drill down and look for problems.
If notifications is not possible please add something to the dashboard so we can get a hint if it’s missing licenses. One thing could be to add a column in the Sites view and show the number of missing licenses in red.

My big problem is really about the duplicated hostnames that faulty increases the number of active agents.

Jonny Arowell