add option to remove the "permanently erase" from right click

  • 17 January 2013
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Not sure if its been suggested before,buuuuut
I think it'd be kind of cool to add an option to remove the right click option to erase items in the web interface, we kind of noticed it could be a problem for some people who just randomly click things and crush items. 
I know there's  a reg fix for it, but instead of doing that, maybe a option in the policy menu could change it 😛

4 replies

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Good idea! We'll look into this.
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I'm definitely +1 on this. I'm looking into deploying the registry change to get rid of it. Business users don't like employees wiping data off the face of the earth, even when they have a Data Loss Prevention system.
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This idea was implemented in the last console build. 🙂
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