Add two factor authorization to console/security dots

  • 3 February 2019
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I don't know if this issue was brought up before but here it goes...
Add a feature of security dots in place of typed webroot code to activate antivirus. A two factor authorization adding your phone number to validate the code entered? Anna and Drew know about my situation.

3 replies

Sorry @Yankeelady2015, I'm a bit confused with your Feature Request. I don't understand what you're asking for, and therefore don't know whether to vote for it or not. Can you elaborate?? Thanks!
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Seems like a some what pointless exercise that will only alienate users. IMHO 2FA or even 3FA is valid when one is using something like a web application over a potentially insecure communication channel but given that we already have to enter 2 randomly chosen chars of a security word...what is the point?

None whatsoever IMHO.

Cannot support this!
...enter 2 randomly chosen chars of a security word...
Aaah, is that what you are talking about: how to access the Webroot Web Console?

What confused me was the phrase "security activate antivirus". As far as I understand, I have to take no measures to activate Webroot antivirus as it is always activated once installed (apart from the option right-click taskbar icon & select "Shut down Protection").

Anyway, if Baldrick's understanding of the Feature Request is correct, I tend to agree with him. I feel the security steps, particularly the one he mentions, already make it extremely robust.