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Alert for "not seen recently"

  • 11 April 2019
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I use Datto RMM along with Webroot. I found that when a device has been decommissioned or reloaded my engineers do not deactivate the Webroot license which results in unnecessary license cost. I would like the ability to be able to receive an alert for all devices that have "not been seen recently". This way I can have it send the email alert to my helpdesk which will create a ticket within Autotask which will force my engineers to resolve the issue therefore saving me unnecessary license cost.

4 replies

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I've submitted a similar request for the same type of alert. It wouldn't hurt if we were voting on the same feature request so that Webroot knows users like us need these. Here's a link to the feature request if you want to vote on it. I voted on yours just in case.
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Thanks Nic. I have voted on it accordingly. I have an NFR license of Avast and I just received an alert that one of my pc's has not been seen for more than 14 days. Avast is not as advanced as Webroot but it has this alert straight out of the box which makes this a very basic and obvious feature so I cant see why Webroot cannot see the need.
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Thanks @rdocrat! I agree with you completely that this is a basic feature that should already be there. Let's hope that they get it added soon.
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Hi thanks a lot for your suggestion. The not seen recently alert is something that we have in the backlog for a future release so please look out for updates on when this new alert will be available. Kind regards Bruce