API endpoints for File/Folder or URL Override Management

  • 3 January 2018
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I am an MSP employee assisting with turn-up of the Business Endpoint product to all of our customers, and mostly handle API implementation and Software integrations for management, monitoring and reporting on data metrics. 
The lack of any API endpoints to facilitate Listing,Adding or Deleting existing Site or Global-level overrides makes it incredibly more time-consuming for managing hundreds of client Endpoints with unique Business Application requirements.
Note that there are many scenarios in which a file/folder override would not be appropriate if set at a Global level, depending on the security compliance needs of specific clients.
Initially after having reviewed the Webroot console architecture in regards to Override replication between sites, I attempted to setup 'Template' Sites for clients that have similar application requirements and 'clone' Site 'Types' as needed for specific client Sites.

In addition to the API, the fact that file/folder type Overrides cannot be imported like MD5 Overrides can defeats the purpose of my attempting to set this up in a way that we can replicate Override management, and we currently end up having to apply updates to Override lists manually for every Client Site if a required change has been identified.

1 reply

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Thank you for your request, I have added this item to our discovery backlog so it can be investigated.