Auto Deactivate Function

  • 18 July 2013
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It would be nice to have machines auto-deactivate after "X" amount of days.  We are constantly rebuilding and retiring old machines.  So each time we retire a machine we will have to manually deactivate.

5 replies

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Currently, there is not much demand for this feature, but we can monitor the kudos levels of this topic and revisit it if there is more demand. A possible issue to consider is users who are out of the office for an extended period of time.
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Is there still demand for this feature request since the Data Filter setting was implimented?
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I think there is still demand - since how would the data filter help auto-deactivate exactly?  Also, there may be a self-interest for webroot to not implement this since it would mean less revenue for them?  Just seems very reasonable to have a setting to deactivate after 30 or 45 days?
Here's a similar request from other perplexed users:
Definitely need an auto deactivate feature, so we're not billed for computers that have been taken out of service.
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to a lack of kudos from other community members. Please feel free to start a discussion and submit a new feature request if there is additional interest from other members. Thank you!