Being able to control by policy, send agent commands in more detail to MACs

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Webroot needs to quickly get the abilities of it's MAC agent in line with the Windows version. Having it say it's supported in business environments is useless if you can't set policies to a MAC agent.
What's the timeframe for this?
John Hart
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It's on our current roadmap to get Mac to parity with the Windows client.
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Please make this a front-burner priority.  In two years, I have not seen the Mac client advance other than in version numbers, and I'm very happy it is finally advancing more often than it was back when I started administering with Webroot, but being unable to apply policies, or perform any real actions means we are giving our clients a very limited, mostly unmanaged solution.
Doug Terborg
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Expected to be released this summer.
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Has this issue has been resolved?  We are currently planning for a small Apple deployment, and are expecting to manage Webroot for those in a similar fashion as the windows client.
We've just purchased the solution for 60 of our Macs and was surprised that we couldn't change the Interval for agent checkins to anything other than 24 hours. We've since written a small launchd timer unit to circumvent this, but native support would be great. Are there any ETA's on when this'll be available?
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We've added policy support for Mac in the last few months.  When you go into the console, you will now see little Apples against policy settings that are applicable to Mac.  We know that not all settings are there - yet.  We'll be adding more overtime.  


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