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  • 28 June 2019
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For an account that already exists, the Global Admin should be able to change the email account. There are times where a user has a name change and deleting their account to create a new one does not make sense.

2 replies

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I agree with @Gort133 about this. People change their names all the time, i.e. married, divorce, adoption, preference, etc. Having to keep their old email account active is not only something else for IT to keep track of, but can cost money. You're probably wondering how this can cost money if it's just an email alias. To use myself as an example, I was unaware of how the GSM worked and signed our company up using my email address instead of one of our generic email addresses. I'm not planning too, but should I leave the company they will have to keep paying for my Office 365 email account in order for things to work. You're probably wondering why we can't make my email address an alias of another user. This is simple, SPAM! After 15+ years of having my email address, no one wants to deal with all the junk I get. They have a job to do and it's not weeding through my SPAM. This is another instance where they would need to change the email or I could go ahead and change it to one of our generic addresses.

@Gort133, don't forget to vote on your own idea! The system doesn't automatically vote for the creator of the thread. Great idea though!

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I would like to see this in the Consumers Console as well!