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  • 18 March 2013
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We are a MSP rolling out Webroot to many customers and sites. When we do a rollout for a new customer, all endpoints shows up the the Default group and then we move them to the correct folder.  However, if any of the clients are offline during script execution, they install at a later date and, as such, can become confusing as to which group it should belong to.
It would help alot if there was a column showing the name of the WIndows Domain that the endpoint belongs to.

4 replies

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Hello and welcome to the community.
We will be adding features very soon that will help with this use case.  Because details aren't public yet, one of us will contact you directly to provide more information.
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We will be adding more data points in the console soon, and this is being actively considered as one of the data points to be added.
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We are pleased to announce this feature now exists in the business console! Thanks for the great idea! :)
Please see the release notes for more details.
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