Create a new Product that includes EDR Features like SentinelOne

  • 1 January 2020
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I would like to see Webroot get a product for business use out that is an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) suite which would include Webroot SecureAnywhere but also endpoint and network and server based intrusion detection and automated triage system like SentinelOne and Intrusion features like Dark Trace (which has immunisation features on network level). If you cant produce a product like that then acquire one of the EDR comapnies and integrate it to Webroot. Webroot alone is no longer enough to protect a business. 


Here are some top EDR providers:


I had a few cyubersecurity professionals say Webroot is now average in protecting an enterprise. EDR is the future. EDR with active AI based intrusion detection and Ai based triage that doesnt require much human interaction. 


It should also include a Webroot Physical Appliance that can be deployed at each client site to capture IP and Network layer traffic and analyse, detect, alert and triage automatically.  

1 reply

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That little blip at the end about a SIEM solution should be a separate idea. That is a massive undertaking that seems well outside the scope of endpoint protection. NGAV/EDR features are a more sensible direction for Webroot to take. I need those features too.