Deleting Endpoints from the console

  • 12 March 2013
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Hey Guys,
Firstly I am fairly new to Webroot so I apologise if there is a simple answer to this request, or an existing feature request that I could not find.
I run a single console with multiple groups for all of the clients that I support, currently if I deactivate an endpoint I have to email support to get them to permanently delete it from the "Deactivated Endpoints" group. It would be much easier for the day to day management of my console if I could have the ability to delete these endpoints myself.

28 replies

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Hi Crossy, welcome to the Community.  I like the idea.. kudo put on it.
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This would be handy in our current environment. Yes please! +1
Count me in on this one as well. I have licenses for 80 systems and am constantly moving, updating, replacing them and this would be really nice to have. 
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The persistence of entries in the Deactivated Endpoint group is by design. The main reason for this design is that there is historical reporting data associated with each endpoint. Permanently removing an endpoint also permanently removes any data associated with it. The removal of data will skew reporting results so they are inaccurate and possibly confusing to some Admins. We do understand that the ‘Deactivated’ list may get lengthy, but since you shouldn’t have to do any administration to these Endpoints (other than to maybe reactivate a mistakenly deactivated one), it is best to simply ignore this list for day to day administration. If there are any specific issues you are looking to overcome that having this feature will assist with, please let us know and we will help investigate what can be done to help address any specific problem. We may revisit this design in the future. Since we have no plans to do so in the coming quarters, this is set to closed for now.
WE feel this is a feature we would definetly useeed.  We do not care about any historical reporting data associated with a deactivated endpoint... we just want them gone. 
"Permanently removing an endpoint also permanently removes any data associated with it. The removal of data will skew reporting results so they are inaccurate and possibly confusing to some Admins."
I see no problem removing all data associated with an endpoint.  In fact, that is what people are wanting to do!
The removal of data will not skew reporting results for the currently activated machines unless reporting is not properly segregated.  IE: Say I have a test machine I load with infections, just for testing.  I unlease Webroot, and it generates all sorts of alarms and detections.  After testing, I don't want these infections (or the test machine) in any historical data whatsoever.
Therefore I do not think the claim that the reporting would be "innacurate" would be true.  If the endpoint base changes, the reporting should reflect that.
Finally, it is presumptuous to assume that a sysadmin would be confused if they deleted a deactivated machine and their data changed.  Unless you have tried this and already received this feedback, I could just as validly argue that removing an endpoint would possibly not be confusing to any admins.
Just give the admin an extra prompt that says, "Deleting a deactivated machine will PERMANENTLY erase all logs, historical data, etc etc.  Reporting will be affected in the following ways....."
Otherwise, count on at least me to always call and have a tech manually remove my deactivated machines.
My two cents.
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Just for housekeeping sakes (as well as getting more accurate counts) it would be nice to be able to remove deactivated endpoints from the web console.  Even better would be a routine that would remove them from across all your managed sites after X (user input provided) days.
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I agree with you here. I think this would certainly make housekeeping much easier.

You have my vote!
I'm with you on this!  After some rebuilds and recycled computer names, the deactivated list gets messy in a hurry.
Would like the ability to purge or age-out deactivated devices.
I fully agree with jondehen
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Our partners and endusers would only like to see the historical data on the computers that are currently running webroot.

Computers/endpoints which are deactivated are in 99% of the times computers wo have left the company or due to reimaging got reinstalled with a new name etc.
Also in virtual environments like VDI or something like that, everyday will generate a new instance from a golden image which means new computers in the console. 

A second thing with this is that the search option is also looking into the deactivated group by default. therefore the search is not working properly.

I think letting the costumer or partner decide what todo with these data is their choice.
I would like to have a final remove action on the management console
- deactivate will place the computers in the deactivated group
- in this group show a button delete/remove permantely (Warning box)

This way they have to confirm twice that they want to remove the endpoint witha all the data from the console.
Adding the function does nothing to harm or degrade the service of those that do not wish to use it, but adds function and satisfaction to those that would.
Webroots casual dismissal of this function request, and subsiquent refusals to revisit their decision, combined with rhetoric excuses and a prompt closing of the case instead of leaving it open for further discussion and review is reflective of a company that values its own opinions over those of its paying customers.
This is the very thing that would cause me to look elsewhere for another anti-virus solution. When you have a situation like this and it makes absolutely no sense why you can't be able to delete deactivated clients and they refuse to do something about it.  I will address it strongly and vigorously with tech support, sales tech and anyone else that will listen. Or I can just take my business to another software company.
This is a feature we have been requesting for quite some time (Deleting Endpoints from the console), and as yet there has been no traction on it...
I manage several companies anti-virus solutions and they are adding and removing workstations fairly regularly. I want the ability to perminantly delete a workstation from their site not just move it to deactivated. Some of those clients have access to the site and could get confused by its presence there believing that they are being billed for the license ( I am fully aware they are not being billed however they may not believe that). At the very least the option to hide that group would be great.
I upvote this. There should be a way to complete remove deactivated endpoints for situation where the end point is reimaged or just no longer needed.
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I have seen a few threads on this, and want to renew the idea.  I needed to do some clean-up and in the process of working with support was directed to a feature request, but that one had been archived/closed.
I understand the notion that we keep endponit and site data for historical reporting, etc., but I believe that the decision for how long to keep sites, endpoints and their respective data should be at the customer's discretion.  

From the GSM Console, I would like to see a report (on-demand or scheduled) that will show deactivated endpoints older than XX Days (A good bonus would be one that generates Devices not seen in XX Days).
From that report, it would be ideal to pivot into a remove function.  Even better would be to automate the process:  Automatically delete endpoints (deactivated & unseen) after XX Days with a follow up report that says "These endpoints have been deleted due to inactivity/retention point reached, etc."
I'd be interested in a similar feature, at present we are rebuilding our entire estate of around 600 computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and are now finding that we have multiple entries for every machine in our company, and would like to be able to remove the inactive duplicates ourselves
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@ - Be sure to hit the kudos (thumbs up).  I think Webroot may have a threshold (10) before they'll look at an issue.  Thanks for the comments - I have had to resort to opening a ticket at the beginning of every month to ensure anything older than our internal threshold is removed.
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I guess another request just got merged with this one, it was a similiar but separate request.   The other request had to do with being billed for machines that hadn't checked in in x amount of days (or years).  After so long those inactive devices should not be billed, however they could still stay in the portal as inactive...  Maybe we can add that detail onto this request.
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Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog!
Why is this still not available? People have been asking for it for years, yet it's only "in the works". I'm currently evaluating WebRoot, and this sort of thing is giving me second thoughts about making a purchase.
This bugs me too, don't like the clutter one bit!!!

That being said, here's why after 6yrs they still haven't changed it... THEY have complete access to YOUR current and historical data for threat detection analysis, trending analysis, expanding their signature detections etc etc...

Now if you were to request that data be deleted and they instead kept the data to still perform these actions, well that there would be fraudulent or require an amended end-user agreement that discloses this practice of data retention.

Long story short, they compared the potential profit loss from long-term, loyal customers getting frustrated and moving on against against the gain of new business vs. the cost of changing policies. The result... retaining their existing client base by executing requested enhancements wasn't as profitable.

There you have it : )

P.s. Can you tell this has been bugging me for a while? ; )

Why this feature still has not been implemented is beyond me.  It makes for a cluttered management console with outdated and useless data.  At least give a 6 month tombstone or the option to hide the crap from the console.  I am seriously considering changing platforms