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Detailed scheduled Threat Report to show value of product

  • 20 August 2018
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Request for scheduled threat reports to show what was cleaned, or what needs to be looked at so we can automate it. You want to show the value of the product you are providing the customer.
We are an MSP and some of our business customers keep their threat reports as part of security audits. Most would prefer a report that shows the machines that were infected and what was cleaned. Right now, the threat report is borderline useless just saying "2 machines were infected." It doesn't tell you the machine, it doesn't tell you what the infection was, or if it was cleaned. 
They aren't interested in a webroot login, they are interested in having a PDF they can store with their security audit.
It should include the machine name, the last detected date, infected file, the virus name, and the path to the file.  Similar to what you can view through the web portal.  We should be able to automatically send this information to the customer.


2 replies

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Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog!
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I would add certain valuable summary information that could greatly enhance the value of reporting like this:


  • Combine Threat info with Install timestamp info to generate:
    • Infections seen at install time (eg seen within say 8 hours of install)
  • Once we have that, we can enhance further with filters/sorting on things like:
    • By OS
    • By Site / Group