DNS:Active Hosts as a scheduled template option.

  • 12 April 2019
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Can you please make the DNS: Active Hosts report to be part of a scheduled template? I have a client that wants the info in that report sent weekly. I know I can run it on demand but the other issue is it is only exportable to csv format, could you also make it exportable to pdf?

1 reply

I agree.

The sole reason I would install the endpoint DNS is for user level granularity. My customers want to see this report. It is the main selling point of the endpoint rollout vs the Network level rollout.  The endpoint rollout is more work for the IT admins, and more cost to the customer.

The only reason to roll out endpoint dns is for this report.  Which, right now, we would have to run manually for EVERY system on the network for EVERY customer.

Until it is a scheduleable-automated report,  endpoint DNS is a non-starter and I won’t even pitch it to my customers.  

Today in trial mode as I played with reports and found this is not possible, I instantly realized I wouldn’t be pitching this to my customers as a solution for granular reporting.