DNS Filtering: Need ability to import/export IP listings

  • 19 June 2017
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This request somewhat goes hand-in-hand with the request i just posted here...the ability on the DNS filtering page to import/export IP address settings.
For example, I can create a site name (which for my company's purpose would be the name of the company for which we are providing the DNS filtering services), then under that site, I can add any number of IP addresses that I want to be protected by the DNS filtering service.
In small numbers of IP addresses, this is relatively simple.  However, when you are like us and have a need for dozens or hundreds of IP addresses under a single "Site", there currently is no way to add/edit these en masse.
However, it would be an extremely simple process to do this if I already had a .CSV file containing all the info required to set up a new IP address for all the sites I want to add, then just upload that .CSV and it would create an entry for each one all at the same time.
Also, an export feature would be very nice to have as well.  This would allow you to export a full list of all the IP addresses listed there into a .CSV file so you can easily email it to someone else, or so you can quickly/easily make changes to the settings of those entries (such as changing from dynamic IP to static), then re-upload the .CSV file to the site in order to apply the changes.
It would be helpful if the first request I linked at the top of this post was completed prior to implementing this import/export feature, so that this tool only has to be done once.

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