DNS Protection , policy based on working hours

  • 1 January 2018
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Currently , DNS Protection service "agent and IP based" work fine for allowing/blocking domains/categories but it is either on or off for as long as the policy is applied.
In some cases there is a requirement to block/allow a category or site/s for a certian period of the day and allow/block for the remaining hours through the day.
example: allowing social media during working hours ..etc.
Any posibility for Dev to work on this?

3 replies

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Another more clear use case is to allow a category or site during non working hours ..etc
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Hi Admadh2,  Thanks for the suggestion.  This is on our backlog, but there are a few other pieces that we need to get into place first.

Hi Akim

what takes so long and how long do we still need to wait?