Enabling evasion shield from the single site console

  • 25 May 2020
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A client gives his customers access to their own sites, so that they can manage their own policies.

However, they can't change their evasion shield settings without accessing the GSM directly, which they can't be allowed to, or they would be able to generate reports and see the other administrators email address.

Is there a way to hide reports and e-mail addresses from other GSM admins, or to change the evasion shield settings from within the WSA 'single site' console?

1 reply

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Unfortunately, the site management console is being left behind and will eventually be removed from the console in its current setup/configuration. However, the functionality will eventually get to the main console. In the meantime, you could create an admin in the GSM console, set their Account Type to “Limited Admin” and set their site permissions to ONLY their site. When they log in, they’ll only see that site, see Groups and just that site and see the reports. The only thing they still can not do is, create policies and turn on/off the Evasion Shield. However, once on, they can see the threats in the Groups tab and pull reports JUST for their site.