Enforce 2FA - Allow Super Admin to Enforce 2FA for all Admin and Limited Admin Accounts

  • 13 August 2020
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What is the problem you are trying to solve?

As a super admin I would like the ability in Webroot GSM to enforce all admins and limited admins to setup 2FA when they next sign in and not have the option to skip it.

I face the problem where users have skipped the first 2FA setup prompt and do not go back in to setup 2FA.


In your mind, what does the feature look like?

Under the Admins tab have an Enforce 2FA tick box that when ticked turns on 2FA for all users who currently have it disabled and forces them to setup 2FA without the option to skip it.


If this idea is implemented, what is the long term benefit to your business?

It would help protect our MSP account from password brute force attacks and social engineering attacks  on Webroot GSM admin accounts.

1 reply

I agree with this if I understand it correctly. I think that we should have the option to force 2FA for all portal users at a global level. We currently can only see if users have turned on 2FA.