Enhance Scheduled Reporting to include "Devices needing attention" reporting option...

  • 20 May 2019
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Would like to see the "Devices needing attention" report option from the On-Demand reporting section be available within the "Scheduled Templates" section so that we can create Scheduled reports using that template and provide the customer with the specific asset names and details that are summarized in the current canned Scheduled Reports. Reference Webroot Support ticket (#247110).

2 replies

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It's a great idea @EMC and there are several threads where people, like myself and others, have requested more advanced reports and alerts. Webroot's replies have been they are coming. Unfortunately, I'm guessing this is a harder issue to overcome than they expected. I say this because they originally said they would release updates in late 2018 and then they changed it to sometime in 2019. Well 2019 is passing fast and I haven't seen any additional alerts. They have released some report updates, but I don't think there were any that would do what you want. Sorry for the bad news, but we can hope they are still working on it.

Here's some currently open idea request threads that might give you some ideas and that you can vote on. You can also see how long some of these ideas have been around, just since they launched the new community. Also, don't forget to vote on your own idea, the system won't do it for you.


With regard to the management of each product, we note that some products require a new approach on the part of the administrator. For example, a firewall-based product that does not install any client software will require a different form of analysis from that used with a more conventional client-based endpoint protection product.