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Enhanced Monthly Reporting (attachment option)

  • 9 April 2019
  • 4 replies

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Hello, we have a suggestion about scheduled report options. I've created a monthly report which sends out a summary that only seems to have the option of a link that's good for 48 hours but no PDF attachment. I reviewed the settings and cannot find any option for this currently. It would be helpful to have this option rather than going back after the fact and having to pull it out of the console after the fact.

4 replies

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Thanks for your suggestion, the current reporting links as you have mentioned are only valid for 48 hours. If you select PDF in format in the template for your report the link will take you to the PDF report where you can then download a copy. If the link passes 48 hours then yes you will have to go back to the console and run the report again to generate a new link. As some of the reports contain customer specific sensitive information for security reasons they are set to expire after 48 hours, apologies if you knew this already. We are working on a new reporting structure during 2019 which will improve the formatting and ease of generating both scheduled and on demand reporting.

Thank you

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@elucy, don't forget to vote on your own idea. The system doesn't do it automatically for you.
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Sorry, new to this forum and not familiar with how it all works. Much appreciated.
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No problem @elucy. Most forums automatically vote on a feature request for the person posting it. For some reason the service Webroot uses for the forum doesn't do this, which means a lot of people don't vote on their own feature requests. I didn't realize it at first either.


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