Evasion shield alerts

  • 29 August 2020
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Evasion Shield needs to have the same alert functionality as file threat detections.


The lack of real-time alerting is preventing us from activating Evasion Shield in remediation mode.  The potential for issues being created by automated remediation for which we will not be alerted in real-time is just too great.


We have Webroot integrated with DRMM and a ticket is raised through that in Autotask PSA whenever a file threat is detected; evasion shield should do the same, so that we have the same functionality for RMM/PSA integrations.


We also use Liongard Roar so I was hoping we could alert from there however as far as I can see Evasion Shield is also not exposed in the API. 


Whilst evasion shield itself is a great idea, without real-time alerting it is not a viable option.  Evasion Shield needs to have the same functionality.



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