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[Feature Request] Overrides - be able to export/import between sites

  • 1 February 2019
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We manage (individually, they are not linked within 1 console) many different customer's Webroot environments. As these environments have Citrix configured, Citrix recommends following their best practices for implementing specific exclusions:

I've contacted Webroot Support and they mentioned (at the present time) that there's currently no way to import/export overrides across separate consoles/sites that are not under the same GSM parent. These overrides (aka exclusions) wouldn't be specific to a customer's site as it's just general file/folder paths that are entered.

They suggested I come to the Community to present my idea here. There's currently an easy way to export/import Policies between Sites with a simple Transfer Code, so why can't we have this same ability with Overrides?

IDEA: Be able to efficiently export/import these overrides between customer "sites" so that we don't have to go through the tedious task of entering all these overrides manually.

Who's with me? Who thinks this would be a great feature request? Please VOTE!

2 replies

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Here's a suggestion for implementing this and other transfers from site to site. I don't know if it's possible, but it's an idea. In the GSM Console have a page for policies listing all policies for all sites being managed. Then have a copy policy like you have in the Endpoint Protection Console, the one difference is a field saying which site to copy it to.

You could take this same structure and apply it to the overrides like @astadtlander wants. You could also apply it to anything else that admins need to copy from site to site. Hope this gives the devs a simple way to implement this kind of site to site copying instead of having to export and then import.
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Hi, At the GSM console level Overrides are Global and will apply to all sites so any override set will apply to every site/customer that you have that is ticked to Use Global Overrides. We are working on a feature which will allow site specific overrides at the GSM level and until that is implemented we cannot offer the Import Override facility. Please keep a look out for product release information regarding this during 2019. Thanks