Firewall Disabled Notification

  • 23 April 2013
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Hi there,
I manage a lot of redundancy with firewalls, and found little need to enable yet another software firewall with WSA. I set the policy to disable the firewall on the endpoints, but it's alarming for users to see it as a huge notification when they open the GUI. Obviously if i set it via the admin console, the admins are aware and it should not be considered a threat.
My request would be to lighten up on the notification if the firewall was disabled via the admin console, and keep it the way it is if it is enabled in the admin console, but deactivated by the end user (assuming the priviledge is allowed).

5 replies

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We'll bounce this idea off our product team and see what they have to say. It sounds like a good idea. Keep them coming! 🙂
I second that request. I don't mind the notification telling *me* the firewall is disabled, but my users freak out when they see the "firewall is disabled" warning.
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The Product Management and Development teams have this request under active consideration. Once we make a final determination either way, we will provide an update here. So please check back. Thanks!
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Hi, its been over two years, where are we on the "consideration scale" for the ability to hide the garish yellow on green ! in the system tray when the firewall is disabled? End users think something is wrong. (it is, we can't turn it off)....It might as well say "WARNING your IT Guys might have overlooked something.., call  the boss..., call the IT department.....".
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to lack of kudos from other community members.