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GSM allow admin to delete

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1. Would be nice if we had say a Super Admin user since I have to givee all my techs Admin rights so they can do their job with GSM. 2. Would br great to give this Super Admin the ability to delete clients that are dead, repeat clients where we have had to reinstall or expired trial accounts from the system 3. Would be great if same Super Admin can delete sites who have been deactivated or are no longer with us as MSP. This would save us from having to create a ticket to support, keep track of said tickets and making sure said tickets were actually done.

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We have also many deactivated clients that we cannot delete. Now we have to create a ticket every time a agent/computer of site can be deleted.
The option that a super admin can delete a agent/system or a site would save us a great deal of time.
Thanks for your feature request idea. We are looking to implement all of these ideas over the the coming releases scgeduled for 2019. Please keep a look out for release notifictaions to see when these features will be delivered.


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