Have a poll interval of less than a minute or similar shorter time.

  • 3 January 2019
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I don't get the rational for only allowing a minimum of 15 minutes to poll for updates. Every other software allows near instant polling and sending data to the server, but Webroot seems to be the only software that is stuck with this. I would understand if it did this to allow time to cancel an agent command and what not, but there isn't a way to do this. I get that there is a possibility of an unmanagable influx of data per interval, except it wouldn't make sense that a bundle of data as big as the one being sent now would be an issue as it could be avoided if you had the ability to send polling more seemlessly and at a shorter interval to better space out data. I get that maybe you don't have the infrastructure to handle so many requests, except infrastructure issues are not an excuse anymore given how cheap the cloud is in 2019. Waiting 15 minutes for a command to execute is wasting time and money not doing the next procedure. The 15 minute wait adds anxiety with the already existing uncertainty of a command reaching an endpoint due to statuses not being more descriptive of the current moment and the possibility that there may be a bug causing commands to not register with the endpoint. It would be great if I could use the Webroot GSM console to effectively manage instead of using other msp software to send commands to do the same thing in a shorter time period. But as it stands it is almost impossible to do anything in a timely manner due to the ceaseless maintaining of this 15 minute minimum.

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Ultimately there is a tradeoff between performance and cost. 15 minutes is where the pivot currently is - any quicker and we'd have to look at passing the incremental cloud infrastructure costs onto our customers. We are looking at ways of making the agent more responsive without having to pay for another yacht for Amazons CEO by using a hybrid push - poll mechanism. That's at a very early research stage. If it works, then I'd expect it to deliver what you're looking for.
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