Hide the license key in unmanaged policy

  • 4 February 2020
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saw (some of) the treads on hiding the license key. 
I know there is a policy setting which allows to hide the license key in WSA-E.

However when distributing keys in an Unmanaged Policy setting (allowing the end-user to have full control) then the Key seems not to be able to be hidden. 

I have a few customers who want to give control to their end-users but not have the problem of Keys being copied and installed on other devices and having to control that. 

So, can a feature be added to create an Unmanaged Policy where the Key can be hidden, and so keep control over unwanted distribution? 

4 replies

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any notion whether this feature request may be picked up or will it not happen?




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Hey @Zinnicqq ,

Sorry for not responding sooner! I must have missed this one, my apologies.

I’m gonna reach out to one of our product specialists and see if he has any insight on this. One of us will respond as soon as we can.


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@Zinnicqq - this is actually a good suggestion as I can see how it can be exploited by your users with access to the key information and over deploy costing you licenses. (Most product managers gather suggestion from this community site, so i’m sure this will get picked up and put on an internal suggestion.)


My initial suggestion is for when you’ve assigned the “Unmanaged” policy to the endpoints on a site is to setup an alert in the admin console that sends out an email every time a new agent is installed.

Alerts → New Alert → Give it a name and select “Alert type” Endpoint Installed → finish the wizard with specific site, email content and distribution list or individual email.

This way you or someone will get an alert every time an endpoint is installed on that site and you guys can review quickly and get back with them to see if this is something they want to continue or not.

It’s not perfect, but it could at least let you know when a site has deployed more than you expect.

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Hi Shane, on this suggestion, do you have any insight whether this is picked up by development?