Hostnames in Webroot console need to be updated sooner than 24-48 hours

  • 30 May 2019
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This has been an issue for many years. We finally have the hostnames updating in the console for endpoints/machines that have been renamed, however, it takes 24-48 hours for the change to take place in the console; sometimes I believe some have taken longer and/or have not updated at all.

I've been in touch with Support. I know that you can create "friendly" names for endpoints/machines, but this is not what we want. We frequently replace machines and the replacement machines are almost always called the same name, which makes it difficult to distinguish machines in the console, especially when they are the same OS. Yes, we have other columns set up so we CAN figure out which machine is which, it's just not ideal, and we shouldn't have to put that much effort into it.

Please work on improving this time in the future. Ideally, the hostname should update in the console when we do a 'Refresh configuration' on the machine and/or when the machine checks for updates. I was told that it takes 24-48 hours currently because it is "passively" updated on Webroot's end... could we get it changed from being "passively" updated to "actively" updated? 🙂

1 reply

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Agreed! We have a number of endpoints were I've either reinstalled Webroot or Windows. The console requires that I deactivate the endpoint and then it will accept the reinstall without saying I'm over my license count. It's the same endpoint (i.e. hardware) with the same software and the same IP address. Webroot should see it as the same endpoint.

i realize this describes a little different situation than @Webgroot suggests, but I believe they might be tied together. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would think that Webroot could read enough about the hardware/software to distinguish either of these situations.

In my example, the reinstall of Webroot should trigger Webroot to distinguish that it's the same endpoint. This would also be useful in keeping the history of an endpoint in the console. If I deactivate it, then I have to remember that I need to look at the old endpoint to see past a certain date. The endpoints also don't show-up in reports, which doesn't give me a good overview of how troublesome a user is. In @Webgroot's example, it sounds like they need to deactivate an old endpoint (i.e. hardware) and install Webroot on a new endpoint (i.e. new hardware), and have the console register that the new endpoint is the same name. Again, I think the installation of Webroot should do this automatically. However, the refresh configuration option is also a great idea.

@Webgroot, if I misunderstood anything you said, I'm sorry. However, I do agree with you that the console should update sooner than 24-48 hours. Honestly, it should refresh at the same time the policy says an endpoint refreshes with the console. Most people have it set to default for every 15 minutes. Then we should also be able to refresh the configuration manually from the console. However, I've found that doesn't always work, which I've mentioned in other posts in the community.

Either way, best of luck!