How Do You Add Additional Targets to Security Awareness Training Campaigns that Have Already Launched?

  • 7 May 2019
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I checked the admin guide and couldn't find a way to do this nor could I find a way to send the existing campaigns we have to one more user/target that got added later.

3 replies

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Yes this needs to be a feature for sure. We need the ability to add new employee’s/users to existing campaigns. At this point the only way to do this is to start a whole new campaign, re-emailing all the users whom have already completed the training, which I assume most will not like. 


I also noticed that I am unable to create a campaign for one single user of a site (as a work around for this problem), instead it just wants to email all users, wasn’t giving me the option to pick and choose whom received the training email. 

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@rohnlawadmin ,

I went ahead and moved this to our “Business Feature Request” forum. 

I’m also speaking with the head of our SAT program on Monday - He will be taking a more active role in the community soon, so hopefully we can begin to get more ideas like this implemented!



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We are working on a feature to add new target users to campaigns already in-flight. At the moment you would have to clone the campaign to send it to additional/different users.


I have a more detailed reply here on how to send campaigns to select users (instead of all users):