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  • 24 July 2013
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We have some internally developed applications that are used by almost every user at our company (300 users) every day and the applications are updated frequently.
For some reason the Identity shield interferce with them and copy/paste is not working unless you edit the "Protected applications" and add the executables as allowed.
This is a big problem for us since copy/paste is used all the time and slows down the production quite much if its not working.
When a new version is released of the applications it stops working again since the file hash has been changed.
Currently we only have two options.
The first is to disable the Identity shield.
The secon option is to add the updated executable file to "Protected applications".
We dont want to disable the Identity shield since we want to stay secure and use the functions that we paid for during the coming 3 years. Adding the new versions as allowed to "Protected applications" all the time is to much administrative work for us at IT so we want a new option in the "Protected applications".
We want the option to add path and name of executable file (and not require a file hash)
orwe want to be able to add details for executable files that should be excluded (automatically allowed)
("File Description" or "Copyright" information details on the executable file as example).
Anyone more that really need this feature?

3 replies

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Have you tried using Identity Shield Compatibility Mode? Please let us know.
No, we did not know about that feature. i will enable it now to see if it works.
Ill get back with information next week
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to a lack of kudos from other community members. Please feel free to start a discussion and submit a new feature request if there is additional interest from other members. Thank you!