Issuing Webroot Advanced Tools Right from GSM Agent Commands instead of Download and Run a File

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Hey All,
I'd like to see the ability to utilize Webroots toolchest Right from within the Advanced menu for Agent commands. 

Since I provision a client site, deploy endpoints frequently, it's recommended that we either disable or redirect the Windows Script Host to prevent scripting malware. 

Currently you can do this using a NoScrypts.exe tool that Webroot has. BUT...  you have to go into the Group Management, Agent Commands, Advanced, Download and run a file, then copy and paste the webroot download link and in the switches/commands area below type in -disable. 
I think if Webroot has the ability to disable/redirect scripts using this tool, then we should have immediate access to these little handy tools Right in the commands. Instead of having to remember the link and file name, then copy/paste it into a download run file area. 

Makes sense to me. 
John H
Nerds On Site

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Hello jhartnerd,
How did you get to know about such a tool? Is it somewhere on Webroot website?
Could you send me the links to these nice to have tools, please?
Many thanks,
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Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog!


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