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  • 10 May 2013
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Not sure if this is the spot as I know that Webroot Web Security Service may be combined w/ SecureAnywhere...but in the mean time I'd like to be able to display more than 200 entries and I would love to have it keep my preferences when I set to view 50 groups rather than resetting back to 20.  The same goes for all the areas for setting a view...
Also, the sorting of users/groups defaults back after you make a change then you have to go back and re sort before making another change.
I have over 200 users and it's a bit awkward sorting under the users tab being limitied to only displaying 200 rows and then the next time going back in and having to set it again...
Perhaps some type of save configuration?
Thanks for listening :D

6 replies

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We'll address this with our product managers later this week and get back to you with a response. You have good points. Thanks!
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As Jim mentioned, your requests make sense and are being taken under consideration. Thanks!
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Hey while we're at it lets kick up the number of lines for WSA console. 50 results aighnt fun when you're running 1500 endpoints...
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Explanoit, I think you're talking about the WSA console rather than the WSAWSS console, but you have a good point.  Maybe a separate idea would be good.
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We have included this feature request as a use case story for review by dev. This is not scheduled to be an included feature in the next release but stay tuned.
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to lack of kudos from other community members.