Licensing Gsm

  • 30 May 2019
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hi, it would be indispensable to block the possibility of installing the host as well as the number of licenses issued to the end customer. In this way, if the customer has to install new hosts on the GSM platform, he must request the extension of the license as jobs. In this way the retailer knows exactly how many installations were made during the month and can therefore invoice to his customer.
It would be a change on fundamental licensing right away.
Thank you

1 reply

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Not a bad idea @domarcsrl, however I would suggest this be a switch. A switch that allows retailers to use it like they currently do and then the option to do what you want. This way a retailer who may not want to handle the service requests like you want to, doesn't have to. Some retailers may not be able to handle the call volume or have the help desk support staff. On the other hand this option would allow retailers like you to handle it your way.

FYI, don't forget to vote on your own idea, the system doesn't automatically do so for the poster.